June 8, 2022

Welcome William!

Newborn, Milestone, Family Portraits

One of the greatest blessings in this work I do is being able to watch first hand as love stories evolve and become more beautiful year after year.

Sweet baby William added the most beautiful chapter yet to Cally and Billy's love story!

I had the joy of meeting Cally and Billy two years ago as a newly engaged couple. They proved to be one of the sweetest, kindest, and most fun couples I could have ever hoped to photograph. Their wedding day a year ago was filled with so many tender moments and even more laughter, I just knew these two were in for an incredible future. Almost a year later, I had the joy of meeting their new adorable baby boy, and what a joy he was to meet!

Little William was one of the sleepiest, and most pleasant baby boys there was for his newborn session. With how wonderful his parents are, I can't really say I was surprised at his easy going disposition! He was so happy and content the entire time he was in the studio for his newborn photos, I could have just photographed him all day with ease! William's parents certainly hit the jackpot with such a happy little baby boy! I think they both knew and appreciated how great their little guy was too!

Cally and Billy were just the cutest new parents to watch as they gushed over their little boy. The love they both felt already for their precious baby was written all over their faces. The tender way they looked at little William and held him in their arms was so beautiful to witness. They fussed over every little detail about their baby boy, and it reminded me of just how unsure my husband and I both felt when we brought our little boy home. Becoming new parents is certainly a journey that no amount of advice can prepare you for, but I could tell that Cally and Billy were already becoming the best parents little William could have asked for! Little William is the perfect new chapter in his parents lives and their story together as a family!

Little William, I am so honored that I was able to meet you as a wee little baby boy. Being able to watch your family's story together evolve with each chapter is such an amazing blessing to my life and I can't wait to see this chapter unfold.