May 24, 2022

Welcome Baby T!

Newborn, Milestone

Ten tiny fingers, and ten itty bitty toes, a picture of perfection from his head to his toe.

Baby boy T joined the other April babies I was graced with photographing in such a wonderfully joyful way.

While little boy T was already two and a half weeks old, he was just as much a sleepy baby as the other precious babies I photographed in April. He fell asleep soon after he arrived and stayed that way almost the entire time he was there! He loved being held and snuggled by his family, and they adored him even more! He gave lots of smiles when his sibling held him close, he definitely seemed to enjoy being the doted upon little brother.

With his family being active in the local fire company, we of course had to take some photos that gave a nod to that. He looked so cute in his little fire fighter outfit and looked ready to go save the day in the fire truck, at least until he passed out again! Baby boy T was such a smiley baby during his time in the studio. He especially seemed to enjoy being all wrapped up for the Easter set I put together being he was born just before Easter. I just loved how teeny tiny he was while having a nice full milk belly all at the same time! I'm sure his full belly was part of why he was such a happy little boy!

Baby T, I am so honored that I got to meet you and see your perfect little self at such a young age. I can't wait to see the boy you will grow up to be and hope you join your family in the fire fighting community when you are older!