June 6, 2023

Welcome Baylee!

Newborn, Milestone

Welcoming a new little one into the family is one of the greatest blessings there is to experience in life.

The excitement and pure joy that parents have for the newborns is a sight that never gets old for me.

Baylee may have arrived as her parents second child, but that doesn't mean she is any less loved than her big sister. Her parents watched her with nothing less than pure adoration for their precious baby girl. It's amazing how much parents love their children, it is truly like no other. Through the sleep deprivation of the newborn stage, the never ending diaper changes and feedings, parents just love their little babies with their whole heart.

Baylee was as cute as a button, but she was a perfect example of children, even newborns, having opinions of their own. Her momma and I both loved how cute she looked in my bunny outfit, she however, was not a big fan. She certainly made me work to get photos of her not crying in it, but the end results were totally worth the extra patience, rocking, and butt pats.

Once Baylee got past the bunny outfit dilemma, she decided that she was exhausted and slept for almost the rest of her session. Although she still wasn't a big fan of me moving her hands in cutesy poses. It's amazing how something that appears to be so simple, can really be very complex! Even with her strong willed opinions, she was a precious little doll baby in my opinion, and an absolute joy to photograph!

Baylee, I had the most wonderful time meeting you and capturing your newborn photos. You are already so blessed to have a family full of love to surround you and raise you to be all that you can be! I hope to see you again as you grow up!