June 23, 2023

Welcome Jameson!


There is nothing more precious in this whole wide world than a sleeping little babe.

They are the perfect picture of sweet innocence, and there's something about their resting face that just melts the hearts of those around him. Jameson certainly melted my heart from the moment his parents brought him into my studio!

Not only was Jameson the cutest little baby boy you could meet, he barely opened his eyes to see what was going on the entire time he came for his photos. He was the best little sleepy baby and didn't mind one bit about having his photo taken, basically he was a photographer's dream! He made the most adorable little bunny in my opinion, but then again he looked pretty cute in every outfit I put him in for his photos!

Jameson is already so thoroughly loved by his family, and is even more precious as their little rainbow baby. Loss always makes us appreciate the gift of life so much more, and Jameson is a wonderful blessing to his family already. They couldn't love this little boy more if they tried! All of them were absolutely smitten with little Jameson, which could be why he was so content and at ease, because he could sense how very loved he was.

While some babies have big opinions about how they want to lay and what position they want to be in, Jameson was not one of them. As long as he was cozy and warm, he didn't care if he was on his back, side, or belly. He was happy to sleep no matter what position I put him in, and from what I gathered he was just as content at home with his family. Basically, Jameson was the perfect newborn baby all around!

Sweet little Jameson, I am so happy that I was able to meet you and capture these precious memories of you. I can't wait to see how you grow in the coming years!