June 14, 2022

Kelsi + Jim ~ Engaged

Engagement, Couples

One of the most pure forms of love is being able to sacrifice your comfort to make them happy.

It's not easy to put ourselves through something we may not necessarily enjoy for the sake of another person, but when you truly love someone, even being uncomfortable is a small sacrifice to put a smile on the face of the one we love. I saw that true form of love in Kelsi and Jim during their engagement session this Spring.

While you would never be able to tell from the photos, Jim really wasn't interested in getting his photo taken for engagement photos. Truth be told, most of the guys out in this world feel the same way, they simply don't enjoy their photo being taken. But it was important to Kelsi they have photos together to celebrate their love for one another, so not only did he show up, he smiled, laughed and had a good time doing it! I think being able to gaze up on and plant kisses on his beautiful bride to be definitely helped make it all worth it!! There was absolutely no doubt about how much Jim loved his stunning fiancé when seeing how his expression softened at her laugh and his face lit up whenever she looked his way!

When I asked my favorite question to ask on engagement sessions of how he popped the question, I found out that Kelsi had put up with her share of discomfort too! Jim planned his proposal out to take place at the beautiful Longwood gardens, a location that under normal circumstances would be super romantic! However, the day he proposed it was a whopping 103 degrees out!!! Kelsi was so hot and so done with the whole thing and just wanted to go home, and when he popped the question she told him to 'shut up!'! Obviously she was quite taken by surprise and it made the 103 degree heat totally worth it, but it made me giggle to hear her tell the story about how uncomfortable she was and her initial shocked response. I think the best engagement stories are ones like Jim and Kelsi's, where there is plenty of reason for the groom to be to just give up and try for another day, but love makes him persevere and it's all worth it in the end.

The location and weather couldn't have been more perfect for Kelsi and Jim's engagement photos though! In spite of the crazy weather this Spring, the orchards at Dries Orchards were blooming quite beautifully that day, and the weather and the lighting was phenomenal for them! It was the perfect dreamy setting for this fun and super sweet couple. Having met them both before, I knew this would be the best spot for them. My husband and I had the good fortune of sitting with them and some of their other friends at Kylie and Ross's wedding last year, and my husband had such a great time with them I thought he wouldn't leave the reception! I knew already then that not only would Kelsi and Jim be an amazing couple for their engagement, but also that their wedding will be a blast! These two were laughing and smiling the whole time through their engagement photos, and I have no doubt their wedding day will be the same way!

Kelsi and Jim, I had the most amazing time capturing your engagement photos! You two are some of the kindest and sweetest people anyone could get to know, and I can't wait to witness you both say "I do" this Fall!!!