September 9, 2023

Spotts Family~At Home Spring Session

Family Portraits, Couples, Engagement

One of the common misconceptions when it comes to family photos (at least in my opinion) is that it's harder to photograph families with small children than it is young adults.

Don't get me wrong, I happily photograph all ages, but as children get older, they lose that interest in the sweet snuggly photos with mom and dad that I love so much, and playing games with them to get them to loosen up doesn't work anymore! Not to mention, they have busy lives themselves, so trying to schedule time for everyone to be in one place can prove insanely difficult. Somehow though, in spite of all of this, the Spotts family came together and made it all look like a walk in the park!

I had the joy of meeting a few of the family members in the Spotts family last Fall for Luke's senior portraits, so I already knew this group would be a total delight to work with! I was not disappointed in the least by them. This amazing family kept each other laughing and had a great time throughout their entire session. While we had to keep organized and move through the different combinations that they wanted quickly to fit in the small time frame that everyone had to get their photos taken, they really did an incredible job at staying focused while having fun at the same time.

All the elements seemed to work together to make this narrow window of opportunity work out for the best for them. The coming rain held off just long enough for us to get their photos done, and they told me how their beautiful flowering tree had opened up overnight as if to give them the most perfect backdrop. They chose to have their photos taken at the family home, as a central location for everyone, while simultaneously having a meaningful spot for their photos.

In family there is always so much to be thankful for, and the Spotts family certainly was blessed when we took their photos. Not only did they have a coming graduate, but they also had a recent engagement in the family! We made sure to get photos of all the happy couples of course, and even had some fun along the way. It was so good to be able to witness the strength of the bonds that they shared together as a family. I could just see that they truly valued and loved one another, and shared a closeness that every family hopes to have.

Spotts family, capturing your family photos this Spring was an absolute joy and blessing for me. I enjoyed meeting each of you and hope the coming years bring each of you tons of wonderful times together as a family!