December 30, 2022

Brianna + Tyler~Engaged

Engagement, Couples

Young couples in love always have a way of making the day a little brighter.

The smiles they share with one another can make even a cloudy day seem like the sun is shinging bright. lf you don't believe me, just take a look at how beautiful Brianna and Tyler made everything look on an overcast Fall day for their engagement photos!

I always love when I get to finally meet one of my wedding couples to be at their engagement session. It is so much fun for me getting to know them and put faces to the names, as well as get all the details on their upcoming wedding plans! Brianna and Tyler are one of my couples that are getting married in the Fall of 2023, and after getting to hear about their plans for the day, I simply can't wait for their big day! But even more amazing than their wedding plans, is the pure joy that Brianna and Tyler shared between them throughout their engagement session. These two were so natural and full of smiles for their entire session. They were constantly giggling with one another, a trait that the best couples share in my opinion. In life, you always need someone who can bring a smile to your face and make you laugh, and their was no shortage of that between Brianna and Tyler.

I also loved how attentive they both were to details. I fell in LOVE with Brianna's gorgeous jean jacket as soon as I laid eyes on it. Frm the pretty pearl details to the "wifey" embroidery, I couldn't get over how lovely it complemented Brianna's style and personality. I am really hoping to see it again on their wedding day! Even better than her jacket though, was the engagement ring that Tyler had custom made for her! I thought it was so cool that the jeweler that had made the engagement ring for Brianna, also made the engagement rings for other members of his family. It makes it so much more special that he put that level of thought and effort into giving her something so unique and so tied to his family all at the same time, like an extra way of welcoming Brianna into the family already!

While these two were even willing to venture carefully out to the middle of the creek for some photos, I found it very sweet how concerned Tyler was at the possibility of Brianna falling in when I asked him to dip her. I always tell the guys to make sure they don't drop their girl when we go into a dip, and that wasn't a concern I had to stress to Tyler! While Brianna had full faith that it would all be fine and he wouldn't slip, he was very cautious about the whole thing and wouldn't let her go very far into the dip. Thankfully, nobody was dropped, and nobody slipped in the water, which I can verify first hand was pretty chilly for their Fall session but it was so worth it! Brianna and Tyler's love for one another was so magical, that at the end of the session the skies erupted into the most glorious colors for a stunning sunset! Even though we had already finished and were just chatting away, I just HAD to set them up for a fun silouhette shot against the beautiful sky. It was like the colorful sunset came out just for the two of them to highlight the love they shared with one another. It made for the perfect ending to the most wonderful evening photographing the sweetest couple possible!

Brianna and Tyler, I had the best time getting to know you two better during your engagement session. I can't wait for your wedding in 2023 when I get to capture your day as you both say "I do!" You are sure to make one of the happiest couples yet!!