August 10, 2021

Kylie + Ross ~ Wedding


When two people find their soul mate in one another, there is a certain, undeniable light in the way they look at one another.

It's like, every time they gaze upon their loved one, the world gets a little brighter, the grass a little greener, and the air a little sweeter. That look, is exactly the way that Kylie and Ross looked at each other all day when they said their I do's.

I had the joy of meeting Kylie and Ross together as a couple for the first time two years ago. I remember thinking then what an absolutely adorable and sweet pair they were, and how perfectly matched they were for one another. I was even more excited last year when I found out that Ross popped the question to make their love for one another a forever thing in marriage! I just knew their wedding day would be full of smiles and laughter, and I was not disappointed one bit!

Kylie and Ross have been making each other laugh since they first met. Kylie shared during their hand written wedding vows to one another how his remarks about her height on their first date together had made her laugh, and I don't think she has stopped laughing ever since! Both Kylie and Ross have light hearted and kind personalities, and it shows in how they care for one another and support one another. Their smiles were so gentle and easy going all throughout their wedding day, but why wouldn't they be when they get to marry the love of their life!

It's also no wonder why Ross smiled every time he gazed upon Kylie, she looked like the most radiant queen in her stunning Essence of Australia wedding gown. When she twirled in it, the layers just flowed and swished so elegantly around her, she looked like a real life fairy tale princess! And of course, being a professional hair and makeup artist herself, her hair and makeup was absolute perfection! Did I mention she did her own makeup on her wedding day?! But the way Kylie's whole face lit up and her smile beamed a little brighter when she looked at Ross just let you know that she was the happiest girl on earth in that moment.

To make Kylie and Ross's day even more wonderful, they spent it surrounded by their beloved family and friends. The only thing that can make marrying your best friend and soul mate better, is enjoying it with the company of all your greatest supporters. Being able to let loose and party afterwards is a plus too! Their closest friends made sure to add to the laughter throughout the day, as the best of friends always do. There was no doubt throughout the day that these two special people were very loved, and everyone else saw what I saw in these two perfectly matched sweethearts, a love that will last a lifetime.

Kylie and Ross, we are so honored and thankful to have been able to capture your special day for you. It has been an absolute joy getting to know the two of you these past couple years, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for the two of you. Congratulations!!!


Venue & Catering: La Primavera Ristorante & Pizzeria

Wedding Dress: Fusion Formal & Bridal

Wedding Dress Maker: Essence of Australia

Bridesmaids Dresses: Lulus

Tuxedos: Fusion Formal & Bridal

Hair/Makeup(Bridesmaids & MOB): Nikki Stahl

Bakery: Gable House Bakery

Flowers: Wild Rose Flowers & Decor