August 10, 2022

Kortnee + Josh Rarick~Married

Wedding, Couples

There are some couples that just balance each other so perfectly, that in spending only a small amount of time with them, you can just tell that they were made for each other.

They go together like peanut butter and chocolate, a match made in heaven, completely meant to be together forever. Kortnee and Josh are one of those amazing couples that are lucky enough to have not only found each other, but also complete each other.

I knew after I met Kortnee and Josh for their engagement session last year, that their wedding would be a blast, and I wasn't disappointed in the least! The energy that filled the room where Kortnee and her bridesmaids were getting ready was incredible and you couldn't help but laugh and smile along with them. Kortnee had chosen the best of the best to help her get ready for her big day and they were all so alike in personality. They matched her bubbly, joyful, excited demeaner and kept the day fun and full of laughter. These ladies even took the time to make the most perfect TikTok of the day! One of the most important things about Kortnee's bridesmaids though, was the love and support they all shared for their beautiful bride. Right before the ceremony when all those wedding day jitters were hitting, they were gathered around hyping Kortnee up and supporting her through the overwhelming emotions that hit brides when the whirlwind of activities for the day pause for a minute. Witnessing the way they loved and supported their bride was a beautiful testament to the friendship they all shared with Kortnee and how much they cared for her, they were exactly the kind of bridesmaids every bride deserves the have standing by her side on her wedding day!

Josh and his groomsmen were quite a bit more reserved. They shared some laughs leading up to the wedding as all men do, but they were much less boisterous than some groups. I wasn't too surprised at the more calm group of gentlemen before me, because I knew that Josh was much more quiet and calm than some. His demeanor is a perfect compliment to Kortnee's and balances her more outgoing personality perfectly. Perhaps it was having so many brothers that made Josh calmer, in fact, almost his entire group of groomsmen were his brothers! We decided the the only gentleman who wasn't actually related in some form would simply be an adopted brother for the day, and he didn't seem to mind.

There were so many elements of the day that made Kortnee and Josh's wedding day special and full of love. One of my favorite parts was that they wrote letters to one another to read before the ceremony. Josh had spent time lovingly creating a beautiful masterpiece for Kortnee to read. Not only did he carefully make the letter using his cricut to make it look beautiful, the words he wrote were filled with love and some good humor. Kortnee both laughed and cried, and there were many "awww" moments too. His heartfelt words put the biggest smile on his bride to be's face before she was even able to see him!

Kortnee and Josh also chose to incorporate elements into the decor of their wedding that held meaning to them. The aisle was lined with beautiful big stems of pampas grass in huge wine jugs. I learned that the pampas grass had come from the garden of one of their grandparents, while the wine jugs came from another grandparent that used to make wine! I just adored how they were able to incorporate meaningful pieces that weren't just pretty into their special day. Kortnee shared that Josh had also created most of the signs for their decor and that he was the creative and crafty one of the two of them. I couldn't help but notice how she beamed when she was bragging up her man!

As if everything about their day wasn't perfect enough already, I was able to witness the BEST toast I have ever seen in my life. I have been able to enjoy a great many funny, emotional, and unique speeches when it came time to toast the bride and groom over the years, but never until their wedding did I get to witness a toast turned into a rap song! Kortnee's sister in law made up the most perfect toast and performed it in rap and everyone was blown away! It was certainly a toast to remember and won't be an easy one to top!

Kortnee and Josh, it was such an honor to capture your wedding day for you. You two are one of the sweetest and most perfect couples we have ever met, and we loved watching your day unfold and seeing you say "I do" to one another for the rest of your lives. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Rarick!!!


Venue: Armstrong Valley Winery

Hair & Makeup: Sara Benek & Robyn Wehry

Flowers: Bittersweet Designs by Lorrie

Catering: ScottDee's Catering

Hors d'oeuvre's: Mindy Lagerman

Cake/Cupcakes: All Occasion Cakes by Cathy

DJ: The Codi & Joe Show