March 22, 2022

Welcome Zane!!!

Newborn, Milestone, Child Portraits

There is no greater blessing in this world than when long awaited prayers are answered.

The joy that comes when the prayers we pray for so long are finally fulfilled is like no other, especially when those prayers are for that of a precious child. Sweet baby Zane was an answer to so many prayers and his arrival has been met with tremendous joy by all who know him and his beloved family!

This precious baby boy has been wanted by his loving family for quite some time. Through many difficult years of ups and downs, tears cried, prayers prayed, his birth is an extra special blessing like no other. Not only his family, but their friends as well have been filled with joy at finally meeting this precious little boy and seeing his sweet face. I know I was overjoyed to meet this precious little boy and see his family with their new bundle of joy! Being born almost exactly 2 months before my own little boy to one of my dearest friends, Zane has an extra special place in my heart as well.

Not only is Zane an incredible blessing to his family, but he is also so very blessed to have them. His big brother D will be sure to show him all that he knows as they grow up together. From playing in the dirt together, learning to hunt as they get older, and doing all the things busy little boys do, these two will be two peas in a pod as they get older. It's hard going from being an only child for so long to sharing the attention and being a big bro, but I know D is going to make the best big brother to Zane there is!

Zane has been born into a big wrestling family, and I have no doubt that wrestling is in his blood! I know D is going to love having another wrestling buddy to scrap with all the time! There's no doubt that their dad will love having two boys to coach and show all the wrestling moves to as they get older. I just adored the little wrestling outfits and special hat that his momma brought along to highlight their wrestling obsession! Before you know it, this little guy will be out on the mat showing everyone what he can do.

Zane, I am so thankful that you are finally here and I was able to meet you! I can't wait to see you grow up and I am sure you and my little boy will be the best of buddies as the years go by!