May 4, 2021

Welcome Madelyn


Each and every child is both a miracle and a blessing, from the first one, to every single one that comes after.

Sweet little Madelyn might not be the first babe to bless her family, but she has brought great joy to her family nonetheless.

Madelyn is the fifth beautiful baby to bless her family, and what a beauty she is! It's no wonder her whole family is so obsessed with her, with her full chubby cheeks and her happy little smile. Her older sister especially gushed and glowed over her sweet baby sister! I just loved her full head of hair! I always love it when newborns have great hair, it just makes them even more adorable in my opinion. At only 5 days old, she was certainly new to the world, but not new to being loved.

Madelyn was a big fan of her binky the entire time I was photographing her. We played a little game the whole time, we would give her binky to her and get her all settled into the pose, and then quickly steal it away and snap photos until she started to fuss. Sometimes (especially with newborns!) the reality of what goes on behind the scenes is quite different from what the photos show! Madelyn's momma was a good sport through the whole thing, handing the binky back and forth as I worked with Madelyn the way she needed me to.

Sweet little Madelyn, I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet you and witness the love that your family has for you already! I can't watch you grow up and thrive, and I have no doubt your siblings will all help show you the way!