May 11, 2021

Welcome Deacon


There is a special sort of glow that surrounds a new family, overflowing with joy for their newborn babe.

Chelsea and Chris lit up the whole room with their joy over their precious little baby boy, and it's no wonder! These two love each other so much, and they wanted to grow that love into a family. In welcoming sweet little Deacon into the world, they have done just that! He is just the cutest, most precious little thing you could possibly meet!

I was SO excited when Chelsea told me that she was expecting. She and I have had many conversations over the years about how much we love children and wanted families of our own. Seeing the look of pure joy and love on her face as she was holding her sweet miracle in her arms was such a happy moment for me to witness. It's always such a great feeling to be able to see your friend's dream come true, and Deacon certainly is a dream come true for both Chelsea and Chris.

Chelsea wasn't the only one excited over their new arrival. Chris showed all the signs of being a proud and happy father. I am sure he is already thinking about all the father and son outings that he and Deacon will have, and all the things that he will teach his little boy. I don't think Chris could smile any bigger than he does when he is holding his precious baby boy. Deacon sure is one lucky little boy to have two parents so utterly in love with him!

Deacon made my job pretty easy for his newborn photos. He just loved to be all swaddled up tight, and that's always fine by me! As soon as he was all wrapped up, he just wanted to go to sleep. He even flashed me one of those fleeting but oh so precious little newborn smiles while I was photographing him! We all swooned over his tiny little smile! Deacon may be a tiny little guy, but he certainly has taken up a big space in his parents' hearts already!

I had so much fun bringing Chelsea and Chris's vision for Deacon's newborn photos come to life. I just loved how comfy and cozy they all looked with the big bed setup in the studio for a lifestyle look. It was such a beautiful way to capture this precious time in their lives together. We also made sure to incorporate some of Deacon's personalized blankets, and Chris's passion for hunting, and the rings that join Chris and Chelsea together and make this family possible. We even had a touching setup to remember the setbacks and tears that came before Deacon's arrival. Deacon is truly precious to his parents, and I have no doubt that his life is going to be filled with blessings in abundance!

Chelsea, Chris, and Deacon, I am so very thankful to have had the opportunity to capture this special time in your lives together! Seeing you as a family together is such a joy and an inspiration, and I can't wait to watch Deacon grow up. I know that he is going to grow up surrounded by love in abundance, and that is the greatest blessing and gift of all.