April 6, 2021

Welcome Mia & Evelyn


Becoming first time parents is a wild ride for many couples, an experience that takes on a whole new level when there's not one baby, but two.

Justin and Jestine surely may not have been expecting to have their entrance into parenthood bring twins with it, but they certainly showed that they were more than capable of being up to the task of raising two of the most beautiful twin baby girls.

Being able to witness how flawlessly Justin and Jestine moved through feeding and changing their sweet baby girls, was one of the most lovely examples of teamwork that I have ever seen. They worked so well together, you never would have known that they had only been parents for a few days! They were like a well oiled machine, it was all quite impressive to me because I can remember from babysitting my nieces how much of a handful it can be to take care of one baby, let alone two!

If there is one thing I am sure of, it's that these two precious little girls are going to grow up in a home full of love. While their mom and dad may have been tired from managing their new lives as parents to twins, it was still so easy to see how much they loved their sweet girls. Their smiles brightened up the whole room when they gazed upon Evelyn and Mia. It was so easy to see the joy that has filled their lives since becoming new parents. Of course, with adorable little girls like Mia and Evelyn, it's no wonder they were feeling extra blessed.

Mia and Evelyn were happy to sleep almost the entire time they were in the studio for their portraits. They would stir a little when we changed their outfits, but as soon as they were wrapped up and rocked a little they were out like a light again. They were so happy and easy going for their entire session, I couldn't have asked for a more photogenic set of twins to be the first twin newborns I ever photographed! Even though both Mia and Evelyn were both adorable little girls, it was surprisingly easy to tell the two of them apart.

I quickly learned that Mia had a bit more chubby cheeks than Evelyn, and a little bit more hair. Regardless though, both Evelyn and Mia were quite the little cuties! They both were so sleepy, which allowed us to photograph them in so many adorable outfits! I always love when we can get a really great variety, babies are only this little for a short time and it's important to enjoy them to the fullest. While they won't stay little forever, their newborn photos will last a lifetime!

Jestine and Justin, I am so thankful to you for allowing me to capture these special first photos of your sweet family. Mia and Evelyn were an absolute joy to meet, and I can't wait to watch your little blessings grow up!