March 30, 2021

Welcome Ezra


One of the most incredible transformations to see, is to watch the love shared between two people, grow as they become parents for the very first time to their own precious bundle of joy.

When I assisted in capturing the love shared between Sarah and William on their wedding day in 2019, I had no doubt that their love for one another would blossom and grow as time went by. Seeing the two of them together as new parents, has only served to prove that thought to be true.

Little Ezra was so excited to meet his parents, he decided to make his entrance to the world early! He immediately was surrounded by all the love and care that every baby deserves, with a little extra care and stay at the hospital. Ezra was about a month and a half old by the time he could come visit me for his first official photos, but because of his early arrival, he was still a pretty tiny little guy. I could wrap and wrap him for days because he was so little! While Ezra may have been an itty bitty guy, it was easy to see that both William and Sarah had a big love for their sweet baby boy. They both had the most radiant glow about them as they lovingly gazed upon the miracle their love created. Seeing them interact together as a family was such a beautiful and inspiring sight to watch, it was truly a blessing!

Like many babies, Ezra already had lots of wardrobe options for his tiny little self. He may have been swimming in the personalized onsies his momma had for him, but he still looked pretty stinking adorable in them if you ask me. Ezra was a total champ for his photos, and he enjoyed lots of wardrobe changes and variety for his newborn photos. He even got to show off his momma's pretty bracelet that had special charms on it just for him! Ezra also had an extra special blanket that one of his loving aunties made for him that had all things Winnie the Pooh. As a big fan of Eeyore myself, I thought this particular touch was pretty adorable!

William, Sarah, and Ezra, it has been such an honor and a blessing to me to be able to capture these extra special moments for you. I look forward to watching the love in your family grow and evolve in the years to come!