March 16, 2021

Welcome Kaden


There is something extra special when new parents welcome their first little bundle of joy into the world. The way they are completely filled with the purest joy is one of the most beautiful sights to behold. It's a sight that is so radiant, it would be impossible to not see. That was exactly the view before my eyes when I had the joy of meeting sweet little Kaden.

I had the honor of witnessing the love that Jordan and Kerilyn share together last year, when they joined each other as husband and wife. Their wedding was so beautiful and full of promise for their future together. Welcoming Kaden into the world has only made their love for one another grow and shine even brighter. Being able to see one of my wedding couples start a family is one of the greatest honors that I can receive as a photographer.

Kaden was such an adorable little guy to meet. He just loved to be swaddled, almost as much as he loved to be snuggled tight by his parents. He is already so loved by both his mom and dad, he has them both wrapped around his tiny little fingers. But with a face as adorable as his, how could he not be loved by everyone!?

One of the items Jordan and Kerilyn brought along for his photos was the most soft little blanket with his name all over it, literally! I so wish it was easier to find super soft blankets like this in adult sizes because I will forever be a sucker for a soft blanket!

From his chubby cheeks all the way to his ten tiny little toes, Kaden was the absolute picture of perfection. Jordan and Kerilyn were obviously so taken with every perfect little detail about their precious little boy. Being able to witness this sweet couple change from being two people that love one another, to a family of three filled with love for one another, was such a wonderful sight.

Jordan and Kerilyn, thank you so much for trusting me once again to capture this special time in your lives. It was such a wonderful blessing to meet little Kaden, and I look forward to seeing him grow as time goes by!