November 16, 2021

Welcome Oaklee!

Newborn, Family Portraits, Child Portraits

There is something extra special about being able to witness the bond between two siblings develop in the first few weeks that a new baby comes home.

You get to see pure innocence, in complete and utter delightful joy. It is truly one of the most heartwarming events to witness and is one that I never tire of being able to see for myself.

Sweet little Oaklee came into the world surrounded by love, and that love grew exponentially more when she arrived home and got to meet her big sister. Brynlee's adoration for her baby sister Oaklee was a true testament to the love that grows so quickly between sisters. She couldn't help but smile and love on her baby sister the entire time she was in the studio, and it's no wonder because Oaklee was such a perfect newborn!!

I couldn't get over how wonderfully content Oaklee was for practically her entire newborn session. She was an absolute dream, and she spent much of the time here dreaming too! Oaklee seemed perfectly content being held by her doting big sister, something that I am sure her parents will be thankful for as time goes on. Having a helpful older sibling can be such a blessing to the whole family, and I get the feeling that Brynlee will be quite a great helper with her baby sister.

Having grown up with two sisters myself, I can attest to the strong bonds that grow between sisters. They love and support each other like nobody else in the world. Sure, there are also fights at times like nobody else, but ultimately, the love shared between sisters is one of the most powerful connections on earth. After witnessing Brynlee and Oaklee together, I just know that these two will grow into that amazing and wonderful unbreakable bond that only exists between sisters.

Oaklee, I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet you at such a young age and get a glimpse into the love you and Brynlee will share as you grow up. You are a blessing to your family already, and I can't wait to see all of you again!