March 14, 2023

Welcome Kaylee!

Newborn, Family Portraits, Child Portraits

Something I never get tired of is meeting and photographing a newborn baby.

Even when they are so teeny tiny and fresh to the world, every baby is unique and has their own personality, and I just adore each and every single one of them! Kaylee is an especially adorable little one that I was so happy to meet for her newborn photos!

Kaylee is the second adorable little girl to one of my dearest friends, and she is just the most perfect little thing you could ever meet. With her gorgeous, full head of hair (insert me swooning with all the heart eyes!) and all her precious little details, I could not get enough of this little one! Even though this poor dear was dealing with some upset belly issues when we did her newborn session, when it came to her time in the spotlight, she sure knew how to shine!

While she may have started out the session awake to show off those perfect baby blues, it didn't take her long to pass out, and what an amazing sleeper she was once she did! She was the most peaceful little sleeper, and she let me pose her however I wanted, even her hands! If you have ever tried getting a newborn to unclench their tiny fists, you know just how incredibly strong they can be when they don't want to open their hands. Kaylee was a total dream baby to photograph, and I just adored the little pumpkin outfit her momma brought along for her. Being an October baby, we did all things Fall which was a ton of fun for me! Kaylee seemed to approve too because she even flashed me a brief, precious little smile.

Did I mention that Kaylee is lucky enough to have the best family ever!? While I do absolutely love this family, the girls can be a little spicy, which is a big part of why I love them so much! Being a strong willed woman myself, I totally appreciate other strong willed women who raise tiny, strong willed versions of themselves. R certainly is the calm in the household, and he does a great job balancing these ladies. There is not a doubt in my mind that little Kaylee will have very strong and very big opinions as she gets older, just like her momma and big sister! The world could certainly use some more strong women like these three if you ask me!

Precious little Kaylee, I am so happy that I got to meet you and I am very much looking forward to watching you grow up. I can't wait for play dates with you and H, and to see your personality bloom as you grow. Welcome to the world sweet girl!