March 21, 2023

Welcome Athena!

Newborn, Family Portraits

Athena, the greek goddess of war and wisdom.

A powerful woman and a force to be reckoned with for sure. I couldn't help but smile at the tiny babe before me, named after this very goddess, because with her little personality, I could just tell already she will indeed grow up to be a force to be reckoned with.

Little Athena didn't want to miss a thing and decided that it was best to be awake for almost her entire lifestyle newborn session. Which was totally fine by me because not only was she perfectly content the whole time, but she was more than happy to show off her full personality the entire time. She was so expressive for a newborn, making all sorts of adorable and silly faces! A precious little pumpkin to say the least.

Athena came right on time, her due date of Halloween. I would say her parents choice to make her nursery theme the after the Nightmare before Christmas worked out quite perfectly. We of course made sure to include all things Halloween themed for her newborn session. Athena's parents brought along the most adorable little outfits, the very ones we used for her momma's maternity session only a few weeks prior. While she still had some growing to do to fill them out, she looked quite adorable nonetheless, and her smile makes me think she knew it too!

To say that Athena's mommy and daddy were already quite smitten with her would be an understatement. The joy they felt at being able to hold their precious little girl radiated all across their faces as they looked down at their bundle of joy. We of course recreated some of the maternity photos, this time with little Athena showing off her sweet face. The most perfect little girl, destined to grow up being loved by two of the sweetest parents a child could ever hope for. I would say Athena is one lucky little girl already!

Athena, I am so happy that I was able to meet you and enjoy seeing your precious face and bright personality! I hope to see you again in the years to come and can't wait to see what a strong, and wise young lady you grow up to be!