August 3, 2022

Welcome Logan!

Newborn, Milestone

While every baby is a miraculous gift, they are an extra special blessing to their parents and the family that loves them.

They bring with them a joy that is unlike anything else in this world, and cause the hearts of all those who hold them dear to grow in size at the sight of them. Precious little Logan has certainly been dearly loved already in his short life.

At a month old, little Logan was a bit older than my typical newborns that I photograph which can make things tricky. Logan however couldn't have been more cooperative for his photos! He just loved to be swaddled and was perfectly content as long as he was wrapped up tight. I get the feeling this sweet boy enjoys lots of snuggles from his momma and enjoyed the safe feeling of being wrapped up!

While he did fall asleep very briefly, for the most part, Logan just wanted to be awake for his photos. It was fun for me though, since he was already a month old he could follow and he watched me and followed my every move the entire time I was photographing him! His handsome brown eyes took everything in that was going on around him, and he was so interested in this big wide world.

One of my favorite things about Logan was his hair! He had so much thick black hair on his head and it just made him even cuter than he already was! There wasn't even so much as a hint of a bald spot like most babies get depending on how they choose to sleep and lay their head when they sleep. With his thick black hair and his dark brown eyes, he certainly made an adorable little boy!

Logan, I had the best time meeting you and capturing your newborn photos. I hope you continue to grow in love and hope to see you again as you grow up!!