May 17, 2022

Welcome Laurel!


What a beautiful sight it is to behold a precious little newborn baby.

They are the perfect picture of innocence, with their teeny tiny little features. Laurel was certainly a precious wee babe that was an absolute joy to meet!

Laurel is the sweet little addition to one of my dear cousin's family, and how precious she is indeed!! With her full head of thick, dark hair, and her itty bitty features, she just looked like the perfect little baby doll. She also gave me so many tender little smiles when I got to meet her for her newborn photos, I gushed over every single one! What makes Laurel even more special, is that I had also photographed her two older siblings when they were newborns. I think little Laurel's may easily be the best though!

Not only was Laurel a completely adorable little girl, but she slept like a dream through her photos too! She barely woke up during outfit changes and she let me move her however I wanted which was a big relief after the struggle I had photographing my own son. Laurel didn't seem to mind having her photo taken at all, and I could have gladly photographed and snuggled her all day long!

While I adore all the children in my family, I think it will be so much fun for Laurel and my son to grow up together so close in age. I remember how much fun it was being able to play with my cousins growing up and always having a buddy, and I get the feeling these two will be the best of buddies!

Laurel, I am so thankful that I was able to meet you and capture your precious little self at such a young age! I can't wait to watch you grow up and see you grow into your own personality, I am sure you're going to be an amazing young lady someday!!