September 14, 2021

Welcome Jase!

Newborn, Milestone, Family Portraits

Watching loving couples become new parents is one of those marvelous and mesmerizing events in life that never gets old.

Even through the sleep deprivation and stress of learning how to navigate parenthood, new parents are always just so smitten and in love with their new little bundle of joy. Jase's parents had that love written all over their faces when they came to visit me for his newborn session the entire time they were there!

This sweet new family of three, couldn't have been more precious to watch and photograph. Even when Jase was not the most interested in the pictures at the beginning and was giving his mom and dad a bit of a hard time, they still had nothing but love in their eyes for him, but really it was no wonder! I just adored all of Jase's thick, dark hair, and his chubby little cheeks, he had the sweet face of an angel that everyone just gushes over! I would say those features probably had at least some part of why Jase's parents were so obsessed with him.

Jase's momma requested some outdoorsy looks for his newborn photos, so that's what we did! The camping theme seemed a perfect fit for his dad's job working in the great outdoors. With roots like that, I bet Jase will grow up to love being out and about in the fresh air as he gets older!

One part that sweet baby Jase did love, was being wrapped and swaddled up tight. Once I managed to get his octopus self all snuggled up tight and got some rocking in, he was out like a light! Jase was such a cutie pie to watch sleep, he just looked so perfect, and so perfectly content. Sleeping babies are seriously one of the most adorable things to watch, I could just watch them all day and not get tired of it.

Jase, it was such an incredible honor to be meet you and your sweet family. I can tell already that you are going to grow up in a home full of love, and be spoiled with all the kisses and hugs in the world! And you deserve all that love, and all the world has to give!