April 23, 2023

Welcome Clay!

Newborn, Milestone, Family Portraits

If you have ever wondered if I ever tire of photographing newborns, the answer is most definitely not!

I can never get enough of their squishy little faces, and tiny little toes. Each and every newborn babe I meet is unique and special in their own way, and Clay was a particularly adorable baby boy!

One of the first things I noticed about Clay when his parents revealed his tiny little self in his carseat, was his full head of thick hair! Now don't get me wrong, I think all babies are cute, but I just think that babies with lots of hair are a *bit* cuter. In addition to his hair, he showed off those baby blues for awhile, and watched my every move as I photographed him. That was of course until he fell asleep!

Little baby Clay's parents are big Steelers fans, and had the most adorable quilt for him to get some of his photos on. While I don't watch much football anymore, when I did watch football with my dad years ago, I was a big Steelers fan because that is my dad's team to this day. So I totally appreciated the football theme!

Clay wore himself out watching me during his newborn photos fairly quickly, and once he did he was super easy going! Not all babies are fans of being posed into the cute little poses that parents swoon over, but Clay didn't mind me moving his arms, hands, and legs in the least. He stayed fast asleep and was a total angel! It's really no wonder his parents were already so obsessed with him, he was so precious during the brief time I met him!

Clay, it was such a wonderful blessing to meet you and capture these first portraits of you. Your family is so blessed to have such a sweet baby boy, and I know you will grow up surrounded by love!