December 27, 2022

The Weyands and Family in the Orchards

Family Portraits, Child Portraits, Couples

There was a time when photographing extended family sessions used to intimidate me.

I used to get so worried about if I would get the right shot of the whole group, and worry about how to pose everyone, they really stressed me out! These days though, thanks to a ton of education and practice, I honestly get excited about photographing extended family groups and look forward to them! Not only does the session go by super fast with all the endless combinations we get to do, but I just LOVE being able to meet everyone and witness firsthand each individual relationship in the group and how beautifully they all intertwine. The Weyands and their family were no exception to this by any means!

This adorable family of four has the great fortune of living close to both of their parents now and were able to bring them both along for their extended family session. Momma A shared with me that they initially lived close to her parents after having their twins so that they could help with the kiddos when they were babies. Having one infant, I can certainly understand why extra help would be a huge blessing with twin babies! Eventually though, they moved to this area to be closer to his parents, and her parents followed along, allowing their children to have the good fortune of two sets of loving grandparents close by to them, and how loved these kiddos are!!

I can always tell when childrens cups have been filled with love and joy by those around them. Their smiles and expressions are just so much brighter and more joyful, and these two littles were full of smiles! They had so much fun playing and laughing with their parents and grandparents, and the adults had just as much fun I think! The abundant love that was given freely not only to the littles, but also to the others in the group was quite obvious throughout the entire session. Each and everyone in the group was happy and at ease in each others company, something that doesn't always happen among larger groups, but it is such a blessing when it does.

Not only did these two littles give and receive love from their parents and grandparents, but it was apparent that they also felt an abundant love for each other. From knowing other twins myself, I know that twins often share a unique bond unlike any other. Most of the time, twins are their own very best friends, and I could see that this brother and sister pair were in fact already the best of friends. While the little guy might not have been keen on kisses from his sister, they still had a ton of fun playing and laughing with each other, and had no problem blowing each other kisses. I'm sure that as much as the love and appreciate one another's company now, they will certainly cherish their unique twin bond even more when they get older!

Weyand family, I had the best time meeting each and everyone of you and capturing these special memories for you. Your family was such a joy to photograph, and I greatly enjoyed seeing how full of love your entire family is!