February 1, 2022

The Moran Family in the Orchards

Family Portraits, Child Portraits, Couples

One of the best thing about having annual family photos taken is being able to freeze that moment in time to remember forever.

Not only do the appearances change, but the personality differences can be dramatic as well, especially in kiddos!

A year ago when I photographed my sweet cousin's family, little miss C was NOT interested in having her photos taken, not one bit! We managed to sneak a few smiles out of her, but overall she was not having the whole thing. This year was a totally different story! Our little diva was all about the camera and full of smiles and laughter, more than happy to whip her hair back and forth and twirl her dress for me. We had so much fun and she showed off her spectacular smile the entire time, a change in personality that I know her momma was quite thankful for from last year!

My little buddy G was a bit more steadfast in his personality from year to year. He had the sweetest, most grown up demeanor about him the whole time! Looking at him now, especially when he is next to his dad, I am already seeing a young man before my eyes. I can hardly believe that only a few years ago he was a little baby boy, and now he is so mature for his young age. Time is truly a thief when it comes to how quickly it passes by and children grow up!

Of course with the beautiful golden light we had to take some updated photos of A & J. I always love to include photos of mom and dad because once the kiddos arrive, the two people whose love led to this wonderful family can become an afterthought. I know for myself, I still love to have updated photos of just my parents, photos that showcase the love that started it all, so I always take advantage of the opportunity to provide that same service to the families I photograph as well. I also think that A may have glowed even brighter than the setting sun when I pulled her and J aside to photograph the two of them together. I do so love seeing the way couples light up in a moment that is just about the two of them1

Moran family, your smiles are always an absolute joy to see! I love having the honor of capturing your ever changing family as the years go by and being able to witness first hand the growth of G & C. Your love and laughter as a family together makes everyday a little bit brighter and I am thankful for every time I am able to see each and every one of you!