February 15, 2022

The Cook Family

Family Portraits, Child Portraits, Couples

There is nothing quite as beautiful as witnessing the love shared between family.

Each bond within the family is special and unique, and they all tell the most lovely story of shared joy and happiness.

While it was an ordinary day when I had the opportunity to meet the Cook family, they made the day extraordinary with their unique personalities and strong bonds. I just loved seeing not only how much these two brothers loved each other and had fun playing together, but also how much they both loved and adored their baby sister. Both of them wanted to be able to hold her and dote on her with kisses, she is certainly one lucky little girl to have two big brothers that love her so much!

Of course the love the two brothers shared for their sister was no match for the love their momma and dad shared for each of their children. Being able to watch as they tended to each child and their individual personality and needs with such tender hearted love was such a priceless and wonderful thing to bear witness to. There is nothing quite as special or as strong as the love a parent feels for their child, and this momma and dad were proof of that!

Of course we had to take just a few minutes to focus on the two people whose love created this beautiful family. Their bond and love for one another was the one that started it all, The sun even poked out for a few moments to cast a dreamy glow around them and show off the love they shared for each other, which made for the most romantic moment! As the years go by and a family grows, it's so important to take a little time to remember that it all started with two people who fell in love with one another and chose to commit their lives to one another!

Cook family, I had so much fun meeting all of you and capturing this special time in your lives together. The love and joy that you all share together is so very special and warmed my heart and I hope to see you all again real soon!