April 27, 2021

The Murphy Family

Family Portraits

Blessed is the family that can embrace the chaos that comes with happy, energetic kiddos.

Blessed is the word that kept running through my mind the entire time I had the joy of photographing this super sweet and kind family of five. Watching the way they all interacted with one another, it was just so easy to see that they lived their lives loving and blessing one another.

There was so much love shared in this family, it was one of the most beautiful sights you could ever see. Both sweet miss E and miss L loved their baby sister so very much. I did have to laugh when baby B started to cry a little while E was holding her and she suddenly panicked and told her mom to take her! It was such a funny reaction from sweet E that I wasn't expecting. Everyone in the family seemed quite smitten with her, and it's no wonder with how perfectly adorable she was! At only 3 weeks old, she was an absolute angel amidst the goings on around her. She looked so perfect and tiny on the big bed, but I'm sure in no time she will join her big sisters running, playing and laughing all day! Little miss L was so full of energy she found it difficult to sit still for photos, but that was not a problem with the way we had the studio all set up for their photos!

The Murphy family was the first family to use my studio set up to look like a bedroom for an "in home" lifestyle look, and it worked out perfectly for their session! Having the bed allowed us to let miss L and E bounce out some of their pent up energy jumping on the bed. It was one of the sweetest, most tender things I ever photographed! I just loved how perfectly it allowed me to capture the love and joy they all shared together. It showcased just how much both Mom and Dad embraced the energy and spunk of their kiddos and enjoyed the blessing of their children.

I just loved how calm and loving both mom and dad were the entire time they were there for their session. They were so full of understanding and patience for the stages in life their sweet girls were in, it was so inspiring! They were a beautiful example of bringing up their family with Christian values. They showed that they are already raising their girls to love and serve through the ways they love and serve each member of their family. The kindness, love and joy in this family was like no other. I hope that someday when I have children of my own, I can be that kind of example for my own children!

Murphy family, it was such a blessing to meet each of you and capture this special time in your lives together! The love you share with one another is such an inspiration and it was a joy for me to photograph! I can't wait to see your girls grow!