March 15, 2022

The Lashomb Family

Family Portraits, Child Portraits

Meeting new and wonderful families full of love is something that I never tire of.

All the amazing people that I get to meet through this job I love so much is easily one of my favorite parts about what I do. The Lashomb family was yet another perfectly wonderful family that I had the joy of photographing recently.

This sweet family enjoyed their dreamy sunset session right in my backyard for their Christmas photos! We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful evening, with the mild weather and dreamy golden light. This family of four made the evening infinitely more beautiful. From their perfectly coordinated outfits to their warm smiles, everything about them made the evening all the more lovely.

While their little guy wasn't super keen on having his photo taken, with some light hearted play and tickling, we managed to coax some sweet smiles out of him. His big sister on the other hand was more than happy to flash her big and bright smile! She made the most adorable little model, and was hamming it up whenever she had the opportunity!

In watching this beautiful family interact with one another, I was struck by how much love they shared with one another. It was obvious that not only did mom and dad love and care for one another deeply, but they also lavished that love on their children. Their two beautiful kiddos just thrived in all the love that they were treated with, I have no doubt that the love they received is why their smiles were filled with so much warmth!

Lashomb family, you were all such an incredible joy to meet and photograph this past Winter! Your smiles are sure to be ones I will remember for years to come, and I hope to see them in front of my camera again soon!