June 28, 2022

Taylor + Collin ~ Maternity

Maternity, Couples

Change comes to us all in time and in so many wonderful ways.

From seasons, to jobs, to families and loved ones, all things change and evolve. One of my favorite changes to watch take place is seeing young couples in love, expand on their love for one another to welcome a little one into the world.

When I last was able to meet with Taylor and Collin, we had the best time capturing their engagement photos. At the beginning of their session they shared their wonderfully exciting news with me that they were expecting a precious bundle of joy! Being pregnant at the time myself, I could greatly empathize with the struggles that Taylor was facing in the early stages of her pregnancy. I knew then already, that not only would these two be amazing parents, but that once she had a bump, Taylor would make one of the most beautiful momma's to be there ever was. I was quite right on both accounts!

Taylor was mere weeks from her due date when we were able to get together for her maternity photos, and she had the most adorable baby bump you could ever see! She was just the picture of motherhood, glowing head to toe and the most soft and sweet smile. Even with her slightly swollen end-of-the-third-trimester ankles, there was nothing getting this lovely momma down. She just had the most positive and joyful attitude, but I have no doubt that Collin's sense of humor helped to keep her spirits up too!

Collin *thought* maternity photos wouldn't include him...lol! Taylor and I made certain that he enjoyed some time to shine during their maternity session too, even though he would have been totally fine without it. He played along and was a good sport, and he was full of unexpected things to say and do that had Taylor and I both laughing. I have no doubt that when their little boy gets older, he will gain that same fun spunk and be a source of joy for everyone who knows him! He is going to be one very lucky little boy to have parents that love each other and him as much as Taylor and Collin do!

Taylor and Collin, I am so honored that I was able to capture this wonderful and beautiful milestone for you both. You are going to be amazing parents and I can't wait to meet your precious boy at your wedding this Fall!