January 6, 2023


Maternity, Couples

Nothing in this world ever shines brighter than the smile on the face of an expectant momma to be.

They truly do have a glow about them, possibly because they are so full of joy at the life they carry inside of them, that the joy they feel permeates every part of their being. Kayla especially had a beautiful glow about her when I met her for her maternity session.

It didn't take me long at all upon meeting Kayla to find her to have a very bold and bright personality. She was an absolute gem about dodging in and out of the raindrops that were falling off and on throughout her session, no easy feat when you're in the final month of pregnancy! Kayla was also full of absolute kindness while still giving off strong vibes. I knew when she told me that they had settled on the name for their little girl, that she was going to be raised by a strong woman. Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom, was a strong woman, and so Kayla intended to raise her daughter to be as well.

Not only did Kayla have a strong, confident air about her, she also stunned in front of the camera! She picked up perfectly on my every cue and could have passed for a model! Kayla was completely effortless and natural in front of the camera, and just made my job so easy. She settled on one of the dresses from my client closet for one of her outfits and it suited her so beautifully. It complimented her radiant smile perfectly and made her look like a total queen. Of course, to further compliment Kayla's glowing personality, her loving and supportive husband was a perfect match to her. Irvin was so easy going and also had the kindest smile. I couldn't help but think of how lucky their daughter was already to have two parents who loved her so much when she was still in the womb. She is certainly going to be a blessed little girl to be surrounded by a family so full of love and support!

Kayla was also all about the details, which I just loved! She brought along some of the precious little outfits, toys, and books that they had ready and waiting for their little girl. Being due on Halloween (spoiler alert, Athena DID arrive on Halloween!) they had made the nursery theme Nightmare before Christmas, which I found to be so much fun! So of course we had lots of Halloween and Nightmare before Christmas inspired items, some which were handmade gifts from family members. Again, I found myself thinking about how lucky little Athena was already to not only have parents who loved her so much already, but also aunts, great aunts, and cousins too!

Kayla, I had the best time meeting you for your maternity session! Your little girl is already a lucky little girl to have such strong, kind, and loving parents in her life!