May 10, 2022

Kiana & Ty~Maternity

Maternity, Couples

There are some amazing parents to be that when you meet them, you just know that their child hit the jackpot for having awesome parents.

One time out with Kiana and Ty, and I can tell you for certain that their little boy has won the lottery for having the best parents!

While I already knew the beautiful momma to be, when we got together for her maternity portraits and I met her fiancé Ty, I just knew their little boy would be so lucky to call them his mom and dad! We all know the cool parents, the ones that make everyday fun, that fill their children's lives with love and laughter, the ones that all their kids' friends adopt as their second parents when they are older, that is Kiana and Ty! These two had me laughing till I cried during their portrait session!! They were so easy going and just had the best time with having their photos taken. Ty didn't seem to dread being in the photos like a lot of men do, in fact he especially was hamming it up and making the most of his time in the spotlight. Of course, how could he not be the happiest guy around with as beautiful of a fiancé and momma to be as Kiana?!

For being as close to her due date as Kiana was, she was absolutely stunning!!! She had the most adorable bump and she just radiated with joy the entire time. She picked two dresses from my client closet to wear in addition to one of her own and all three complimented how lovely she was so perfectly! I always think it's nice when expecting momma's can feel even more beautiful during this special and fleeting time in their lives. I loved watching as her smile beamed even brighter whenever she looked at her man or he planted gentle kisses on her head. There is no doubt in my mind that Kiana and Ty's little man felt the love they share for one another and for him already when he was in his momma's womb! I've said it before and I will say it again, their baby boy hit the jackpot when it comes to having the best parents!!!

Kiana was one of those momma's that made being pregnant look so easy! She never once complained about being uncomfortable, she simply noted it was getting more difficult to do certain things, like reaching her toes. She walked and danced around my family farm like it was just another day, you never would have guessed that she was mere weeks from her due date (although her little man decided to make his debut only days after her maternity photos!) I wish I could have looked as amazing as Kiana did when I was expecting my little boy! She and I had fun comparing notes throughout her pregnancy as she was one of several people close to me that were all expecting little bundles of joy around the same time. Kiana was the definition of a glowing momma to be and I could have spent all night with her and Ty!

Kiana and Ty, it has been such an incredible honor capturing these extra special photos for this time in your lives. I had the most wonderful time with you and can't wait to meet your little boy in person!!