January 3, 2023

Luke~Class of 2023

Senior, Milestone

The best thing about photographing seniors is being able to meet young people that are full of promise and big plans for the future.

They always have a certain excitement level about reaching the end of their high school years and being able to go out into the "real" world and officially become an adult, capable of choosing their own path and making their own decisions. While Luke may not have been as full of excitement for his senior portraits, he certainly has big plans for life after school.

I always enjoy finding out what seniors plan to do after school, and Luke shared that he wanted to be involved in the military. I was more than happy to help him practice for that aspect by having him practice some marching during his senior session. I gave him passing marks on his marching skills, although I'm probably not as strict of a judge as the military will be. We also practiced being out in all kinds of weather.

The day that we were set to take Luke's senior photos, the weather was set to be a wash out, all. day. long. But with schedules being what they were, we decided to take our chances and make the most of it. It took a bit of work to dodge the raindrops, but we managed to sneak out during brief breaks in the rain to get some awesome portraits. There were even some that the raindrops made even better in my opinion. Luke of course was a totally great sport through it all and seemed pretty unphased by the less than cooperative weather.

In spite of the fact that having his photos taken bright and early on a Saturday morning wasn't really at the top of his list of things he wanted to do (or any Senior guy wants to do for that matter!) Luke really had a great attitude and played along with his dad's teasing ways and my lame jokes and would even humor me by laughing. Luke had a fantastic smile when he would let it show up on his face briefly, but his serious look was on point! He killed the serious look and really took some of his photos to the next level with how great he did. I think he would make a great model, but I don't think his interest in photos goes quite to that length!

Luke, I had a great time meeting you for your senior portraits and getting to know you and your parents. Your postive, go getter personality is going to take you to great places someday! I wish you the best of luck in your future as you get ready to graduate from high school!!