September 2, 2022

Alayna~Class of 2023 Senior Spokesmodel

Senior, Milestone

Few times in life are as memorable and bittersweet as senior year.

It is one of the first huge milestones in our adult lives, one that we will surely remember for years to come. It is both an exciting and nerve wracking time, and is one of the first times in our adult lives where we take the spotlight in front of the camera. Alayna knew there was no better way to commemorate this time than by signing on to be one of my senior spokesmodels for this year!

Alayna may not have fully known what she would be getting into when she signed up, but she signed up and showed up with a smile on her face ready for anything! In our first meeting she shared that she was hoping to get some fun photos for her senior year and gain confidence, two things I could easily assure her we would handle! And my oh my did she shine in front of the camera! In no time at all she was flashing her million dollar smile and proving what a natural she could be in front of the camera, I could tell that we were in for a fun year ahead of us!

I was so excited that for one of our first shoots we were able to take advantage of the most beautiful sunflower fields. Between her sunny personality and the bright, yellow blooms all around her, it really made for the most perfect setting. I just loved how all the golden colors around her made her blue eyes pop even more though! It was like the whole thing was just made to show her beautiful self off!

Not only did I already learn how lovely Alayna is, but also that she is quite the athlete! Alayna enjoys participating in softball, including travel softball year round! It takes a great deal of dedication to give that much of her time and energy, but she does it with a smile and enjoys the game a great deal. I am sure she makes her parents proud with all of her hard work and dedication to this sport. I have been able to tell in chatting with Alayna that she has already learned really great skills including teamwork and sportsmanship from her hard work playing softball!

Alayna, I am so excited that you took the leap and decided to join me for this coming year as a senior spokesmodel. I am so looking forward to getting to know you better and seeing more of your smiling face over the coming year!