September 9, 2022

Paityn~Class of 2023 Senior Spokesmodel

Senior, Milestone

One of the best parts about working with seniors for me is meeting these amazing and unique young people and learning about their dreams for the future.

Each and every senior student brings with them their plans, and Paityn has big dreams for her future and I can't help but admire her for them!

I always have to ask students what their plans are after high school, and Paityn's plans took me by surprise! This lovely young lady before me shared that she wanted to join the military after school, personally I think she should pursue modeling but I digress. I did have to laugh when she told me that she wanted to join the military so she could blow things up! I can't argue with that reasoning! This young lady is certainly a free spirit and true to her fun loving country roots.

Paityn is an incredibly hard worker, and works in addition to school, playing field hockey, dance, and being a wrestling manager. This girl knows how to manage her time and keep herself busy! Paityn is a rare find in a world that often lacks motivation! I love to meet young people with her level of dedication and tenacity, they are such a breath of fresh air.

When I initially spoke with Paityn to invite her to join my class of 2023 spokesmodel team, I could tell from her voice this young lady was both polite and a bit shy. It's honestly a miracle she didn't run after the first meeting when my attempt at a glitter photo ended up with her covered in glitter! Thankfully, she forgave me and came out of her shell pretty quickly when we started taking her photos, especially with her momma there to give some sass to from time to time! I loved watching Paityn become more confident throughout her session, she truly is a natural in front of the camera! When she does join the military after school, I really hope that they recognize how great she looks in front of the camera and put her up on the billboards so I can say "Hey! I know her and I took her senior photos!"

Paityn, I am so looking forward to getting to know you better in the coming year and capturing your sweet smile more! I am so thankful that you chose to join me as one of my SoRoseSenior Spokesmodels this year!!