October 14, 2022

Lovely Ladies in the Sunflower Fields

Family Portraits, Child Portraits, Themed Sessions

The bonds that are shared between mothers and daughters are always unique and unlike any other.

These bonds tend to only grow stronger as the years go by. Every young woman reaches a point in her life where she can look back and truly appreciate all the wonderful things that her mother did for her growing up, and it just makes the bond they share more full of love. I think that's why I loved this extra special extended mother and daughter session so much!

Mommy and me sessions always have a special place in my heart because you get to witness the love and adoration a mother feels for her child and it is one of the most beautiful things there is. This particular session was basically the ultimate mommy and me session with a mother, her daughter, daughter in law, and both of their beautiful little girls! To make this even better, you could tell that they were a family that had no fear in expressing their love for one another on a daily basis because it always shines through!

I have known both Jenelle and Jestine since school days, and both of them have always been some of the kindest souls you could ever meet. Being able to watch them become sisters in law and then mothers, BOTH to twin girls, was truly beautiful. While Jenelle's momma may not have had first hand experience raising twins, I have no doubt that both Jestine and Jenelle found her love and support in navigating motherhood to be of a value worth far more than gold. I know I leaned heavily on my mother when I became a mom, and I only had one little baby to raise!

Being able to spend an evening with this beautiful group of ladies and their adorable little girls was truly a blessing. There was no lack in affection among the group, and they all were more than happy to show and share their love with one another. Whether it was the little girls playing and entertaining their toddler cousins, or the young mommas sharing hugs and laughter with Brenda, there was endless adoration beaming from their faces. Even with it being very close to bedtime and the sweet toddlers being tired and ready for their jammies, with some extra love and coaxing we even snuck some smiles out of them too!

Ladies, I am so thankful I was able to share this lovely evening with all of you and your sweet girls! Your family is a joy to know and always so much fun to photograph. I hope you treasure these beautiful memories for many years to come!!