July 20, 2021

Kortlynn & Silas ~ Mini Me

Child Portraits

From the time children are little, parents dream and wonder what they will be like as they get older.

Moms dream of how beautiful their little girls will be on their wedding day, and dads anticipate raising their best hunting buddy and outdoor adventure buddy. One of the perks of children being little, is that at least for a time parents can have their mini me's, and that is what this shoot was all about.

I have been wanting to photograph a little girl in her momma's wedding dress for a long, long time. So when Kortlynn's momma reached out to me about a shoot like that, I couldn't say yes fast enough! As a little girl I loved to play dress up and pretend I was in fancy flowing gowns, and that was exactly what I pictured for sweet Kortlynn and she didn't disappoint one bit!

Kortlynn looked like a perfect angel in her mother's wedding dress! She even had some sparkly shoes and her mother's wedding day jewelry to further adorn her. I have no doubt that her momma was having visions and dreaming of the day that her daughter would be a glowing bride (while her dad was hoping that time would be a long, long time from now!) Kortlynn looked the part of a princess, swishing in her mother's beautiful dress with her pretty curly hair. I just couldn't get over how precious she was!

Of course we had to come up with something fun for Kortlynn's little brother Silas to do too. Silas showed that he is ready to be his daddy's hunting buddy once he is older and bigger. Not only did he love to play with the turkey call, he got a great kick out of the other calls his parents used to get his attention behind the scenes. He would smile and laugh when he heard them, I think he was ready to be in the woods already!

Silas also thought the deer skulls and the assorted animal hides his dad brought along were pretty fun to play with too. There's no better way to start the hunting fever young than raising them with an appreciation of hunting trophies! And then there was Silas's outfit, did I mention how absolutely stinkin' cute Silas was in his Carhartt hat and plaid shirt??? He could seriously have been a model with how adorable he looked in them! I just adored everything about Silas and his sister for their Mini Me photo shoot!

Kortlynn & Silas, I hope when you're older you can look back and appreciate the meaning and the love behind this photo shoot. I have no doubt your parents will treasure these images for many years to come, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to capture them!!