December 6, 2022

Lucas is TWO!!

Child Portraits, Milestone

One of the best parts of photographing little ones as they get older every year is being able to watch their personality shine through.

With each passing year, they change in leaps and bounds, and you get a glimpse at the person they will grow up to become. Lucas is full of personality, and I think you will agree from his birthday photos, that he isn't just a little ham, he's the whole pig!

For his second birthday, Lucas had me cracking up the whole time he was in the studio! He wasn't just full of smiles, he was full of laughter and playfulness. I think it probably helped that his parents chose a theme that allowed for lots of opportunities to play. His construction theme turned out so perfectly and fit him so well. He just loved the toy excavator that I had and moving around all the big rocks. For a little boy, it was all the fun boy things to play with and made the smiles come with ease.

Lucas didn't just enjoy playing with the props I had for his birthday photos, he had a blast being silly with them! From putting the road cones on his head like a hat, to using the stool to stand on his head, he enjoyed being a little goof like nobody's business! He showed that at his young age he is not only fearless, but has the potential to be quite the adventurer and isn't afraid to try new things and blaze his own trail. If everyone else can keep up with him, he will undoubtedly do great things as he gets older!

I don't know if it's because he was already familiar with me from past photo shoots, or if it's just how he is, but Lucas had no problem at all involving me with his silliness. There wasn't an ounce of shyness about him and it made for some of the best photos! I have no doubt that his parents surrounding him with unconditional love and support plays a great deal in his bold and joyful personality. They may have been behind the scenes for most of his birthday session, but they were full of encouragement and smiling just as much as he was. He is one lucky little boy to have parents who love and care for him the way his do!!

Lucas, it was such a blast to share another milestone with you! I love watching you grow and seeing your personality develop year after year, and I can't wait to see what the next year brings!