April 5, 2022

Layla is ONE!!!

Child Portraits, First Birthday, Milestone

Of all the milestones that little ones reach as they grow up, the first birthday is probably an all around favorite.

What's not to love about little ones learning to explore the world, coming into their personality, and smashing up a good cake to boot?! Layla's first birthday was certainly all of those wonderful things and much more!

Layla had a smile that lit up the whole room from the moment she entered the studio. One look at this sweet little girl and I just knew that her family filled her cup daily with love and joy, and she filled their lives with that same wonderful happiness. From her little toothy grin, to her infectious laugh, Layla certainly showed what an incredible blessing she is to her family!

Like most little one year olds, Layla was busy enjoying her first birthday session. She loved chewing on her necklace, and crawling around the studio, making a game of her momma chase her around and put her back. She enjoyed all the the simple joys of life of being one, which of course included some yummy cake!

Layla had fun digging into her birthday cake like nobody's business! She really put the smash in smash cake, and both her momma and I loved every bit of the messy face, and hands, and feet, and tutu! I think that's probably the most fun about watching a babe turn one, the pure joy they feel when they are allowed to get a big sugar rush and the freedom to get as messy as possible while doing it! It really doesn't get any better than that when you're turning one year old!

Sweet little Layla, I had the best time meeting you to celebrate your first birthday with you! You are a bright ray of sunshine in the lives of those who know you, and I am thankful that you lit up my day with your sweet smile too! Happy birthday Layla!!!