November 23, 2021

Keena~Mother to Be

Maternity, Family Portraits

The joy that fills an expecting mother is unlike any other feeling in the whole world.

There is an excitement and happiness in knowing that the child she carries she will love unconditionally. It is such an incredible blessing to carry a child so closely for nine months, and it becomes even more of a blessing when it has come after a long time of waiting.

When I found out that one of my dearest friends was going to be a mother again, I was so incredibly excited for her! Keena is one of the kindest human beings I know, and I had been hoping and praying for this day for her for a long time. I watched her persevere through struggles to get to this point, and rejoiced with her when her time finally arrived to be a mother again. There was a time when all hope seemed to be lost that she would ever be able to experience motherhood again, but here she is, carrying her miracle baby, so incredibly blessed for all her faith, and proving to be an inspiration to all she knows.

Keena and her wonderful family have always been a joy to know and call friends. This baby that is on the way will surely be surrounded by love and add to the joy in their family. I have no doubt that big brother D will just adore his baby bro, I know he can't wait to have a buddy to play with and wrestle when this little one is bigger! Derek undoubtedly is excited to have another bouncing boy in the family, to play in the dirt with and take hunting, and all the fun things that little boys get to grow up doing with their father. This baby is going to be blessed by his family in ways that only this family can.

Even though this pregnancy has been more trying than her first in many ways, Keena still manages to radiate with love as she carries this little one. She is beyond stunning in the way she glows every time she smiles. Her smile and joy as she carries her blessing with her is a light in a dark world. I have absolutely no doubt that when this little one is older, they too will see how great of a blessing Keena is to all those around her and be thankful to call her his mother.

Keena, Derek, and D, I am so incredibly excited for you three to meet your new addition! I can't think of a more deserving family to welcome this child, nor a better family for this child to be welcomed into. Any day now, you will finally hold this child in your arms and share the most fulfilling joy there is. I can't wait to meet this little one when they arrive and finally see you as a family of four!