June 15, 2021

The Welker Family in the Orchards

Family Portraits

The pure and innocent laughter of a delighted child is one of the sweetest sounds on earth to hear.

That wonderful sound filled the air quite often while I had the joy of photographing the Welker family this Spring.

When the lovely miss K reached out to me about some photos of her sweet little boy and their beloved dog, I couldn't say yes fast enough! I was able to meet M this past Easter and he was so happy and fun the whole time, I just knew he would do amazing with some extra special photos with his favorite dog pal. I also always get excited to meet a new furry friend, so it was a double win the way I see it. A sweet kid, fun pups, and a very kind and lovely momma in the middle of the blooming orchards sounds like a dream to me!

M had so much fun being a big boy and walking his dog around the orchard and giving him treats all along the way. It was so precious to see him give hugs and kisses to his beloved pet, and I think his pup enjoyed all the attention and treats too! There really is nothing like the bond that a child gets to share with a pet. Pets always seem to understand that no matter how much they need us, we always need their company and companionship a little bit more.

Of course with a lovely momma like K, we had to get some special photos with both her little boy, and their dog. I always love seeing the way a mother's face lights up when their children give them loving and genuine hugs and kisses, and boy did K's face glow when M showed her some love and affection! She is just one of the sweetest momma's a boy could ever hope to have, M sure is one lucky kiddo! Life may not always be easy for them, but she perseveres and does everything in her power to give her little man all the joy that life has to offer, the way the best mom's do.

Welker family, I am so thankful that I was able to spend time with you once again this Spring! Your family is both a joy and a blessing to know and I can't wait to see you all again!