December 13, 2022

Katie + Zach~Engaged

Engagement, Couples

One of the best thing about photographing newly engaged couples is being able to capture the sparks flying between two people that are deeply in love with one another.

Katie and Zach didn't just send sparks flying, their love burned hot enough to start a fire for their engagement session!

The heat of the Summer morning was really no match for the passion between these two love birds. They made the warm day a few degrees hotter every time they shared a kiss with one another. It was plain for me to see that these two had found nothing short of pure joy and love in each other! Only the luckiest of couples manage to find their soul mate, the one that completes them and understands them, and I definitely think that Katie and Zach have found that in their relationship.

I could have spent all day with Katie and Zach, their love for one another was so genuine and full of laughter, it made them an absolute joy to be around! They shared so many tender glances with one another and it seemed like the rest of the world just melted away when they were holding onto one another. Sometimes I think they even forgot I was there photographing them because they were so entranced in each other! Everything about their interactions with one another convinced me that these two are perfect for each other and their lives already work beautifully together.

Katie and Zach love to share adventures together in the great outdoors, so my family farm was the perfect setting for their engagement session. Of course we had to take a trip down to the creek and they weren't afraid in the least to venture out for some epic photos with the water. Of course, I *thought* we were done and then Zach carried Katie back to the shore in the most romantic and chivalrous of ways and I just had to capture the moment. When something so perfect presents itself, there is no way I can't take photos of it!

Katie and Zach, I had the most wonderful time photographing this special time in your lives together. The love you two share is truly beautiful and special, and I wish you both the best in your future together!