July 19, 2022

Elizabeth + Alex~Engaged

Engagement, Couples

There is nothing quite like spending a sunny Summer night with an amazing young couple in love.

Their laughter fills the air around them with an incredible joy that is like nothing else in the world. Alex and Elizabeth made the Summer night of their engagement session full with the warmth of their love and joy for one another.

Elizabeth and Alex exuded love for one another from the moment we started. They shared how they met as children at church many years ago but eventually found their way to one another through Elizabeth working with Alex's mom. Elizabeth shared how Alex was still in her phone as the church boy which gave me a good laugh! Their love for God and for one another was in their smiles and the way they looked at each other the entire time.

I am learning that it seems every proposal story is bound to have unruly weather. Alex proposed to Elizabeth at Weiser state forest on one of the warmer days this Winter. Elizabeth shared how she really didn't want to go because it was still going to be a cold Winter day. Alex and Elizabeth went on a long hike to a beautiful, picturesque spot that Alex had picked to pop the question, and it was there that Elizabeth said "yes" to more adventures with the man she loved! I could tell as they shared the story that it was a time they will both hold fondly forever.

Elizabeth and Alex chose to share their engagement session at my family farm because they both love the outdoors cozy comfortable vibes. The setting fit their personalities perfectly, as they were total naturals in front of the camera! They laughed with abundant joy and Alex even threw in some Fabio style hair tosses to make everyone laugh until we cried. Couples that laugh together the way Elizabeth and Alex do are couples that will have what it takes to get through all of the twists and turns life has.

Elizabeth and Alex, capturing your engagement session has me so excited for your upcoming wedding this Fall! You two are one of the sweetest couples and I just know your day will be filled with even more of the joy, love and laughter I witnessed during out time together!