April 26, 2022

Erika + Jeremiah ~ Engaged

Engagement, Couples

There is something to be said about a couple whose love can warm up the coldest Winter day.

When their smiles and laughter fills the air with the warmth of summertime, you just know that they share a strong and powerful love for one another that will weather any storm life throws their way. Erika and Jeremiah share just that kind of love.

These two love birds initially were going to have their engagement photos taken in December, but when the day came it was dark, dreary, rainy and so blah! Knowing that their schedule had some wiggle room to get their photos done, we decided it would be best to try another day, and boy did it pay off! It may have been a good deal colder when we did their photos in January, but we lucked out and were able to take advantage of one of the few pretty snowfalls we had this Winter. While I may not be a fan of the cold, I LOVE shooting in the snow, everything is so clean and white, and the skin tones give me allllll the heart eyes!!! Even being very pregnant as I was when we did their engagement session, I just loved every bit of trapesing around in the snowy fields with Erika and Jeremiah because they just made it so much fun!

One of my favorite parts about their engagement session came when I asked the question I ask all of my couples, how did he pop the question? As Jeremiah went on to recount how anxious he was, and how a storm delayed his beach proposal plans, I couldn't help but notice how Erika just beamed with love for her man. It was the sweetest thing to watch happen! Between hearing how this big, tough man was a nervous wreck when planning his proposal, to seeing Erika's expressions towards her man, it was obvious to tell that these two truly share a incredible bond and love for one another.

Erika and Jeremiah shared many laughs together during our time with one another, and they gave me some good laughs too! They were such good sports about handling the extreme cold weather and all of my silly instructions. We chatted about their family, and how their children impacted their lives and helped them in their day to day. Erika's daughter even helped her with her hair and makeup before her engagement photos, which looked pretty fabulous if you ask me! As someone who personally is lacking in hair and makeup skills, I can always appreciate when someone does a fine job of it!

Erika and Jeremiah, thank you so much for freezing in the cold with me and trusting me with this special time in your lives. After the fun we had for your engagement session, I can't wait to see you both in the Fall on your big day!!