October 19, 2021

Generations of Family at the Kopp Farm

Family Portraits

It is truly amazing to look at all that can come from the joining of two lives together. ,

When two people who love each other and love the Lord, it can lead to some of the most beautiful family ties and relationships imaginable.

Reaching their fiftieth anniversary certainly was no walk in the park. Oh I am sure there were easy days, filled with smiles and joy, but every strong marriage is tested sooner or later. I can tell you that this family certainly knows a thing or two about resilience and perseverance! Their portrait session saw every type of weather imaginable for a Summer session, from overcast, to sunshine, to rain, and back to sun, it certainly was a whirlwind of a photo shoot!

Thankfully this family knows how to see the positive and push through it all! It took some wringing out of hair and air drying in front of fans, but when the sun joined us again we were ready! I feel like that is probably how they have all learned to handle the bumps and twists and turns in life, to shake it off and keep on going. That mindset starts with the two people who started it all, because only the faithful guidance of the parents can children learn to handle the changes with such effortlessness!

I loved that we were able to bring out S's old wedding gown to be admired by everyone. It was so sweet to watch her with her granddaughter admiring the lovely dress she said "I do" in all those years ago. Even though her wedding bands no longer fit, we made sure to include those in some images because those rings have meant so much to the two of them for so many years and the meaning behind them. You could just see in the way these two still looked at each other that they shared the same love that led them down the aisle, stronger and deeper, but still that infatuating love for one another.

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet your entire family, and witness all the blessing and joy that has come from two people committing their lives to one another. I have no doubt that you will continue to inspire others with your love and hope to see more of the bountiful goodness that comes from it!