March 8, 2022

Family, Fall, and the Orchards

Family Portraits

One of the greatest things about extended family sessions is being able to see all the relationships that come from two people committing to their love for one another.

There is a beautiful trickle effect that works its way down through generations when two people love one another and spend their lives devoted to one another.

From these two amazing people, there came children, grandchildren, and even a great grandchild. More importantly than the family that they have created, are the joyful and loving relationships that have formed within that family. Being able to photograph these wonderful people, I saw so many similarities to my own family. The unique and fun bonds that sisters share, as well as the way that they adored their parents, almost as much as their parents adored them!

What really made this group amazing was the way they took everything in stride. You wouldn't know it by looking at them, but it was quite frigid, cold, and windy when we had their session! There were many breaks to warm up in coats, blankets, and even the vehicles in between photos, but they all took the situation and made the best of it. That kind of perseverance is something that I have no doubt they have all learned from watching how their parents handled all the twists and turns life inevitably threw at them over the years.

I have no doubt that for the two that started it all, seeing their children grown and having loving families of their own is the source of their greatest joy in life. They even have the blessing of enjoying watching their great grandchild grow up too! Through all the generations of this family, they all carried a light hearted and fun loving personality about them and shared many laughs throughout our time together. I have no doubt that they have spent many laughs together through the years and will share many more in the years to come!

It has been such an honor serving your family and capturing these special memories for each of you! You were all amazing to work with and I hope to see you again soon!