March 1, 2022

Fall with the Shingara Family

Family Portraits, Couples, Child Portraits

The love and joy that some families share together is powerful enough to warm up even the coldest and most dreary of days.

The warmth of their smiles and the lightness of their laughter just fills the air and wraps around you like a warm coat. That was exactly the way it felt when I had the joy of photographing the Shingara family this Fall.

Fall is always a favorite time of year for many of my clients and myself for family photos. How can you not love the ever changing colors of the leaves and the beauty that comes with them, along with the fact that often times you're not sweating and fighting with bugs! The down side is sometimes the weather can turn very cold and windy, and this was one of those such days where the weather hinted of the Winter that was around the corner. Hanging out with this amazing family though, you never would have known how cold it was, their smiles never faltered and they brought so much fun to their session with their kind hearted personalities! They made it look easy to be so comfortable in front of the camera in spite of the chilly temperatures.

What made their session even better, was being able to witness the bonds that they shared together, Both mom and dad obviously adored their sweet little boy T, but with as cute a kid as him, how could you not adore him! Young T was so polite, sweet and did such an amazing job having his photo taken for being such a youngster! I just loved his smile, his smile was so contagious you couldn't help but smile back! It's easy to see that his parents fill his life with love and laughter, and that he does the same for them in return.

Of course I can't forget to mention their sweet fur baby too! He made sure to come and greet me as soon as he arrived and was a big love (emphasis on both the big part and the love part!). I always love when I get to meet new dog friends, and his personality fit in perfectly with his human family! It was so much fun being able to include him in their family photos, he is family after all! He got some kisses, and he gave some big kisses too, and put even more smiles on everyone's faces. It made for the perfect ending to an amazing family session!

Shingara family, I had the best time getting to know each of you a little better and photographing your sweet family! You filled a chilly Fall day with warmth and I hope to see you all again real soon!