March 10, 2023

Zane is ONE!!!

First Birthday, Milestone, Child Portraits

Fathers, lock up your daughters because there's a new cowboy in town and he is bound to steal their hearts!

Yes, I know I am being a little corny, but with a smile like my little buddy Zane's, I really don't think I am exaggerating!

Zane is one of our favorite little dudes and is bound to not only be a little heartbreaker with the ladies when he gets older, but he is also going to be my little guy's best friend. His mom and I already decided it so that's just how it has to be (LOL!!!) Zane is extra special to me because his momma and I were pregnant together and due only a few months apart, and Zane is almost exactly 2 months older than my son. I have enjoyed watching him grow through his first year almost as much as I have my own little boy. He is such a happy little guy all the time, and I can never get enough of his precious smiles! He is extra special to his family too, being their precious and long awaited rainbow baby. He is the perfect addition to one of the best families you could ever meet, and I would say he was worth the waiting and the struggles!

When Zane's momma told me that his birthday theme was going to be a rodeo, I knew we would have fun! I might not have been able to get out and ride my horses much since becoming a mom myself, but it was fun to at least give my tack some use for Zane's birthday photos. He quite enjoyed himself sitting in the saddle and pretending to be a real cowboy! He looked so serious, like he was out doing serious ranch work. His smile when he was on his rocking horse was the absolute best though! You would have thought he was on a real horse as he was grinning from ear to ear!

With his birthday falling on Thanksgiving this year, it was only fitting that instead of cake, Zane have his very own pumpkin pie to dig into. While I always adore a good smash cake, pie is just one of many fun alternatives that can make a birthday session totally unique and personal. Surprisingly, Zane wasn't super interested in the pie he was offered, which is one thing he and I don't see eye to eye on. I love me some whipped cream all day, everyday! I'll let it slide though because, he is just too stinking cute and sweet to be upset with!

Zane, watching you grow up this past year has been so much fun for me! I can't wait to see what kind of trouble, I mean fun, you and my sweet boy get into in the years to come. Happy Birthday Zane!!!