June 22, 2022

The Greatest 50th Birthday Gift!~An Extended Family Session

Family Portraits, Child Portraits, Couples

As the years go by and our parents get older, the question that becomes harder to answer every year is what to get them for special occasions?

Often times parents have all the "things" that they need or want, and for the most part they simply want to spend time with the family that they hold so dear. As a loving child though, we still want to have some form of a gift to give them that they can cherish. For Elaine's 50th birthday, her family chose to give her a gift that they will all be able to cherish for years to come, the gift of family photos!

This amazing family really pulled together to make this gift a great one for the woman that they all loved so dearly! There was nothing but smiles from everyone present. Even the guys were more than happy to crack a smile and laugh and truly seemed to have a good time participating in this unique and extra special gift for Elaine. It was quite obvious how everyone present cherished this extra special lady!

Every single person in this amazing family was so kind, joyful, and full of laughter the entire time, they made the time fly by in a breeze! They were such a wonderfully happy group, and they were all so happy to be in each others company. I couldn't help but smile and laugh right along with them! While the littlest of the group sometimes had her moments where she would have preferred to not participate, everyone worked together to keep her smiling and laughing! Little miss K was quite partial to being with her beloved Nonna, but nobody ever loves a little one quite like a grandparent so who could blame her!

Of course one of my favorite parts of capturing extended families is being able to take some time to capture all the relationships within the group. Each couple, family, sibling, parent and child gets their moment to shine. Every relationship is unique and special in it's own beautiful way, and that was especially true with this group. Everyone values and cherished each other, and I loved bearing witness to it!

Elaine, I am so thankful your family chose to allow me to capture these extra special memories for all of you! Your entire family was a joy to work with and there is no doubt in my mind it is because of the love you have poured into them through the years. I hope to see you all again soon!