December 7, 2021

Sadie~Class of 2022

Senior, Milestone

One of the really fun thing about working with Seniors is they are reaching a point in their lives where they are figuring out who they want to be in life and where they want to go.

Sadie is one of those wise young people who is well on her way to knowing what she wants in life!

When Sadie asked me about capturing her senior photos at a local shop, Fern & Petal, I couldn't have been more excited! I always love when I get to mix it up with fun, new locations and I just knew that this spot would be a really unique one. I had a feeling that Sadie picked this particular shop for a very specific reason, and I found out very quickly that it stemmed from her love of plants!

One of the first things Sadie shared with me when we met up was how much she loved house plants and she wanted to live in the shop. I can totally relate, except I want to live in Hobby Lobby because while I love house plants, I have a pretty long standing track record for killing them. For someone like me with a brown thumb, I couldn't help but admire Sadie's responsibility level and her ability to care for house plants at such a young age.

Taking great care of house plants isn't all that this young lady can do though! She also is an active softball player, and she already has great plans for her future and college. This beautiful young lady is certainly no slacker when it comes to tackling her goals in life. Add in her fashion sense and sweet personality and I swear there is nothing this girl can't do!

Sadie, I had the best time getting to know you and capture your senior portraits this year! Your smile and fun personality brightened my day and I know that those features along with many others will take you far in life! I hope your Senior year is amazing and wish you the best in your future!