July 25, 2023

Paityn at the Gym~Class of 2023

Senior, Milestone

There's a lot of things that are really great about having a love for fitness and exercise.

Beyond the obvious ones of keeping you physically fit and healthy, I personally love that you can learn what your limits are, and learn to push past them. It creates a ferocity in a person like nothing else, so when Paityn decided to have her senior portraits taken in the gym, I was more than happy to see this girl in action.

While weights and a gym aren't my usual types of backdrops, I couldn't have picked a more perfect place to showcase Paityn's full potential. The gym brought out a fierceness in this quiet, sweet girl, that I had gotten to know throughout her senior year that I loved! I am all about pursuing what you're passionate about without fear, and it was obvious to me in watching Paityn that she loves to lift!

Now I will grant, that I am definitely more at home photographing people in fields and forests, but I totally enjoyed being pushed out of my normal boundaries for this epic photoshoot in the gym. I may have been pulling up Pinterest off and on for some extra inspiration, because there's no twirling dresses in the gym, but it was a fun challenge for me and I was glad that Paityn allowed me to capture this part of her life that drives her to work harder and push the limits. Lifting in the gym takes a great deal of discipline, because nobody is going to be there forcing you to do the work, and I loved seeing how hard this girl pushes herself to do the work.

Now we did end her shoot in a field with a pretty dress, but that fierce mode she was in couldn't be turned off. Not that it bothered me one bit, because I loved seeing her confidence shine through! For me, watching this young lady evolve over her senior year is my favorite part of my senior spokesmodel program. Sure, I love meeting every senior I work with, but I grow so fond of my spokesmodels, and am so proud of them as I watch them evolve throughout the year, it's that much more special to me. To say I miss them when they graduate is most definitely an understatement!

Paityn, I loved being able to capture you in your element and seeing what you're passionate about. I can't wait to see where the road takes you and hope that you continue to pursue the things in life that you love and push the limits!