July 13, 2021

Nick ~ Class of 2021


When a student reaches the end of their Senior year, it truly is the ending of an era.

All those years of following the daily school routine, seeing friends in their day to day, and having the ability to live and enjoy life without all the adult responsibilities comes to an end. It's also the beginning of the next exciting chapter in their lives, and is a cause for celebration!

I had the absolute joy of getting to know Nick last Summer as we took his Jeep down to the creek for some extra fun photos. His fun and easy going personality makes him so much fun to work with. He is always good for a laugh, and those are the best kinds of people to be around in my opinion! He truly is a remarkable young man, kind, polite, and a very motivated individual. Nick is an absolute blessing to everyone who gets to know him!

I had a great time capturing Nick's cap and gown photos as he came to the end of his high school career. We chatted about his plans to attend college with a major in Engineering, while staying close enough to come home and visit his family. I think it's so sweet how close Nick is with his family, and I always love it when I hear students saying they want to be close enough to home to come visit often. I have no doubt that Nick's family will be happy to see him as much as possible too as he heads off to college!

While Nick and his fellow classmates certainly had a lot of adapting to do the last 2 years due to COVID, I would say they have all done an amazing job at showing that they can persevere through the challenges. Navigating all the difficulties of Senior year with the addition of ever changing pandemic challenges, I think Nick and the rest of his class deserve a pat on the back for their extra hard work with pushing through this year!

Nick, I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to capture these extra special milestone moments for you! I can't wait to see where the future takes you, I am sure with your perseverance and positive mindset you will do amazing things as you head out into the world!!!